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Shaheen Tassel Necklace
Shaheen Tassel Necklace
Shaheen Tassel Necklace

Shaheen Tassel Necklace

Daughters of the Ganges
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Long non-adjustable necklace with a circular striped pendant. Blue patina effect and cotton thread tassels make this rustic necklace a statement piece. 
Wear this with Shaheen belle-of-the-ball MINI earrings.

Handmade with love by DOTG's artisans in India.

Because they are handcrafted - all DOTG pieces come with their own special imperfections - we believe that's what makes them all the more beautiful.

Colour: Blue and Gold 
Made of: Brass, Cotton
Chain length: 80cm
Pendant length: 6.5cm
Pendant width: 4.5cm

Brass will naturally tarnish over time. Use soapy water or lemon juice to clean. Wipe with a dry, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid contact with liquids. 

About the Brand
Daughters of the Ganges is a socially conscious brand that brings to you handcrafted and ethically created products from India. Born from a wish to do something meaningful and make a difference to the vulnerable and marginalised communities in India, DOTG helps artisans, especially women, in these communities using Fair Trade principles as guidelines. 
DOTG gives artisans and their crafts the respect that is due to them, making them part of their growing family. Time is devoted to train the artisans to ensure that they have sustainable jobs and new skills to carry with them through their lives. Women that are unable to leave their homes are given raw materials and tools to work from home, making communities more inclusive. Fair and equal wages, sustainable and ethical sourcing and safe work environments also fall under the umbrella of Fair Trade and are some of DOTG's key objectives. In their efforts to bring about change, DOTG also provides after school programs for the children of artisan communities to ensure that their children have a bright future.
Join them in their efforts to make a difference!