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Nene Clutch Bag
Nene Clutch Bag
Nene Clutch Bag
Nene Clutch Bag
Nene Clutch Bag

Nene Clutch Bag

From Belo
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Introducing the Nene Clutch. Every inch of the Nene is inspired by the traditional carnival dance the Frevo. Imagine the streets filled with dynamic dancers holding brightly coloured umbrellas that radiate their colour throughout the streets, sharing an intense feeling of joy, positivity and life to every passer-by.

From Belo took the shape and the colourways of the Frevo umbrella to create the handle of the clutch bag, which is made from decommissioned construction wood and excess fabric from the fashion industry, all rescued from their destiny of landfill. The colours of the Frevo umbrella extend into the main body of the bag to represent the positive radiance of colour that showers the streets during carnival during the Frevo dance.

Fashioning kindness is at the heart of the company, The design of the Nene clutch bag encompasses the idea to pass on positivity to every person who makes, wears or even sees it, just like how the Frevo umbrella showers positivity on the streets during carnival.

The bag is fitted with an inner pocket formed from recycled plastic bottle fabric and with a magnetic popper closure. 

Finished with the embroidered From Belo mantra ‘Feed Goodness into The World’, because that’s exactly what they do. 

You can keep everything secure in your Nene Clutch with the magnetic popper closure.

Made by a team of artisans based in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. 
Each bag comes wrapped in a From Belo dustbag.


Meals donated to Casa de Maria for every Nene Clutch bag sold.
H:  31 cm x L:  36 cm  x W: 9.5 cm

This bag saves from landfill:

  • 50cm of decommissioned seatbelt
  • 3 plastic bottles
  • 250g of fabric off-cuts

About the brand
From Belo was born in 2018 when two school friends, one originally from the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil (Maria) and one from the English shires (Charlotte) were inspired to start a Kind and Sustainable Handbags Accessories Company. They joined forces to create beautiful, multifunctional and convertible handbags for a modern-day lifestyle from recycled material.  
A perfect example of the circular economy, From Belo takes materials such as seatbelts once destined for landfill, crafts bags without cruelty or toxins and helps a poor and vulnerable community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil by providing jobs and food for the hungry – all from these true bags for life.
From Belo stand true to their ethos of “Feeding Goodness into the World”. Every purchase has the power to change lives, whilst also being kind to the environment.