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Diamond Climber Earrings
Diamond Climber Earrings

Diamond Climber Earrings

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Beautiful climber earrings made from sterling silver featuring 2 x 1.5mm brilliant cut VS graded lab grown diamonds on each piece.
Lab grown diamonds are the best and most sustainable alternative to natural diamond. Grown in a lab, that simulates the natural environment in which diamonds grow, they are identical to the natural stones. They have the exact same physical properties and sparkle, therefore just as luxurious while leaving the earth untouched. 

A minimalist design for those who like it simple and elegant, yet a little different. 

The pieces measure approximately 2cm. 


About the brand 
Sofia’s passion is creating beautiful and ethical jewellery inspired by life's processes. Her designs are classic, elegant and inspired by shapes and colours from various cultures around the globe. 
Sofia cares deeply about the environment and the impact of her creations on our planet. She therefore uses only recycled materials and those that have a minimal impact on the environment and its inhabitants.