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High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans, Blue Denim
High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans, Blue Denim
High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans, Blue Denim

High Waisted Recycled Fully Patchwork Jeans, Blue Denim

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Fanfare's recycled collection takes a product that would have been deemed wastage and repairs, re-purposes and re-designs them into new pieces. These pieces have all been made and re-designed from clothing that was wastage and would have gone to landfill, giving them a second life.

    These one-off pieces are special and unique to each individual. These beautiful pieces are handcrafted & made to order so please allow a maximum of 2 weeks before receiving. 

    • Fully patched decoration
    • By upcycling and re-designing these jeans we are preventing helping to combat the 2 million tonnes of textile waste that is sent to landfill each year in the UK
    • Patches used are leftovers from our productions lines and therefore may differ from images shown slightly
    • High Waisted 
    • Blue Denim 
    • Relaxed fit & rolled up hems
    • Average trouser length

    The denim might differ slightly from the images due to the vintage nature of these jeans. Fanfare uses vintage jeans and some pairs maybe distressed with slight wear & tear. Only making each piece more timeless and unique each time. As these jeans have been upcycled each pair can differ slightly in colour & fit. If you have a special request in terms of length or fit please get in touch after placing your order and our team can organise this for you. 

    By shopping Fanfare's jeans each pair saves:

    • 9500 litres of water
    • 34kg of CO2 emissions - similar to taking a car and driving for 111km
    • 1kg of waste from UK landfills
    • Supports 1.5 days of fair working conditions & pay, made in the UK by local artisans

    Hand wash or dry clean when necessary. Denim is not supposed to be washed in a washing machine when worn a few times please leave out to air. 

    See picture below but please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our live chat or by email

    About the brand
    Fanfare is a sustainable British fashion brand that sets out to create powerful, positive change in the fashion industry. Originally launched in 2018 under the name ‘Fabric For Freedom’ by Esther Knight. The first collection saw huge success and went on to be featured by British Vogue and The Sunday Times.