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Emilio Wallet
Emilio Wallet
Emilio Wallet
Emilio Wallet
Emilio Wallet

Emilio Wallet

From Belo
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Recycled Tyre and Umbrella Wallet

Made from recycled tyre inner tubes and umbrella fabric, this water resistant wallet keeps your credit cards, notes and pennies safe. Due to the material used, the wallet is tough and durable yet slim and light and comfortably fits into any pocket or bag.

Every Emilio wallet is handmade by From Belo's incredible team of artisans and is truly unique due to the nature of its materials. The use of different tyre brands and umbrella fabric gives each wallet its individual look. This makes your future wallet one of a kind!

Every purchase helps to reinvest back into the community of our artisans by donating meals to the homeless and people in need via our partner charity Casa de Maria. This is the feel-good purchase that is kind to people, animals and the planet.

Meal donated to Casa de Maria for every wallet sold.

H: 11cm x L8cm (closed)/ L 17cm (open)  

The Emilio Wallet saves from landfill:

  • 1/3 of an umbrella fabric
  • 100g tyre Chamber

About the brand
From Belo was born in 2018 when two school friends, one originally from the Amazonian rainforest of Brazil (Maria) and one from the English shires (Charlotte) were inspired to start a Kind and Sustainable Handbags Accessories Company. They joined forces to create beautiful, multifunctional and convertible handbags for a modern-day lifestyle from recycled material.  
A perfect example of the circular economy, From Belo takes materials such as seatbelts once destined for landfill, crafts bags without cruelty or toxins and helps a poor and vulnerable community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil by providing jobs and food for the hungry – all from these true bags for life.
From Belo stand true to their ethos of “Feeding Goodness into the World”. Every purchase has the power to change lives, whilst also being kind to the environment.