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Running Deer Candle 850ml
Running Deer Candle 850ml
Running Deer Candle 850ml
Running Deer Candle 850ml

Running Deer Candle 850ml

Cockles and Heart
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Cockles and Heart have brought this brass pot with fabulous running deer decoration back to life and filled it with all the good stuff to make this large candle. Like all their biggies, they offer a refill service so you can keep on enjoying them pot again and again.

  • 850ml coconut, rapeseed and extra virgin beeswax
  • Frankincense, ho leaf and bergamot essential oils
  • Hand decorated with rose petals and dust
  • Pure cotton/linen blend wick
  • Burn time 60+ hours
  • 14cm wide by 8.55cm high
  • Eligible for Cockles and Heart's large candle refill service 

Candle care
To get the most out of your candle burn it for at least 2 hours each time you light it or until the wax turns to liquid right across the top. 
Try not to burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time and trim the wick to 5mm when it has cooled to prevent sooting.

When you finish one of the candles you can put the cup upside down in a low heat oven on a piece of old newspaper and melt out the 10mm of wax left at the bottom.  When your candle has cooled, remove the wick holder and you’ll have a lovely piece of china to use and admire!

About the Brand
Cockles and Heart founder Shona Duncan says she’s always loved growing herbs and dreamed about turning this passion into her work. The brand is set-up with sustainability and wellness at its core: environmentally friendly materials, sustainably sourced essential oils, natural wax, metal free wicks, and fully recycled packaging. The perfect example of creating a environmentally conscious business from something you love!