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Sustainable Fashion 101

At Lilly & Main, we are committed to making sustainability the new norm in the fashion industry. 

To help you make informed and conscious purchases we have published below a small directory of definitions and values.
So whether you are an experienced sustainability warrior or just starting out (congrats and welcome!), we hope the below will be useful in your journey.

You can view our values here: Our Values

What is Sustainable Fashion?
There is no clear definition of Sustainable Fashion. A good way to think about it is that it's a movement working to change the industry, by applying transparency across the entire production process, whilst working towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. 
So this goes beyond just textiles and materials. It's about changing the entire way the fashion industry works. It's about changing the way we shop. It's a fashion that is respectful of the planet and of its people. 

What makes a fashion brand sustainable? 
There isn't just one answer to this question. At Lilly & Main, there are many features that we look at to define where each brand falls on these matters:

  • Eco Consciousness: Fashion that reduces its effect on the environment, by using eco-friendly materials, reducing water usage, banning chemicals... just to name a few
  • Social Consciousness: Brands that can consciously answer the question: Who made my clothes? Offering fair living wages and giving back to their community
  • Less Quantity / Better Quality: Brands that don't over-produce, following the Slow Fashion principles. A few well made items that last a long time.
  • Reduce / Reuse/ Recycle: Brands aiming towards a circular fashion industry - "waste isn't waste until you waste it"

You can find the corresponding ethos on each brand's page, to help you get started on your new stylish and conscious journey. 

Together we can change the way we shop