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About us

About Lilly & Main
Lilly & Main is an online marketplace providing you with access to ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly luxury products. Our aim is to curate beautiful pieces made with care, passion and style by exceptional people who have made sustainability and consciousness the centre of their work. We believe in slow fashion as the only way to care for and protect our environment.
Together we can change the way we shop and create a more sustainable future for us and the generations to come - without compromising on style or fit.

We hope you will love and enjoy shopping with us. Let’s be sustainably stylish!

We are an online marketplace which means that everything on our website is sold and delivered directly by our providers.

Our story
Our friendship started in Paris and continued in London, on the trading floors of investment banks. After having children we decided to leave our respective careers behind and combine our keen interest in sustainability with our love of fashion. From that day, Lilly & Main was born.

We wanted to create a marketplace where we could promote ethical and beautiful products for a wider audience with a large choice of items.
We hope it will empower more people to create a more sustainable future by shopping in a more sustainable way.

With Love,


Joyce Hayek / Kenza Sebti El Dorr