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Collection: Sofia's Connection

Sofia is a global citizen with a diverse cultural background. Peace, love and respect for all people, animals and our planet is what she lives by. Her passion is creating beautiful and ethical jewellery inspired by life's processes.
Her designs are classic, elegant and inspired by shapes and colours from various cultures around the globe.
Sofia cares deeply about the environment and the impact of her creations on our planet. She uses only recycled materials and those that have a minimal impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

Eco Consciousness
Love the planet - Sofia only uses recycled materials in her creations, being mindful of the impact they have on our environment. She also uses lab grown diamonds for her pieces. These diamonds are identical to the natural stones as they are grown in labs, simulating the natural environment that diamonds would grow in. They have the same physical properties and same brilliant sparkle but are a more sustainable option to add sparkle to your jewellery!
In the spirit of sustainability, Sofia only works on a 'made to order' basis, allowing her to only produce what is truly necessary. This also ensures that each piece is made specifically for the client, allowing them to choose their size and making sure it is fitted perfectly to the individual wearer.

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