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Collection: Lily Flo Jewellery

Diana Sherling is the Creative Director and Founder of Lily Flo Jewellery. Her brand of ethical and fine jewellery is named and inspired by her daughter, Lily Florence and by her love of artistic design.
Lily Flo has been nominated as ethical brand to watch in the UK by Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and Jewel Street. It was also featured in Vogue, Elle and many fashion blogs.

Lily Flo designs and produces all the exquisite jewellery pieces in its London studio guaranteeing high quality design and craftmanship of each and every piece they make. By producing locally, Lily Flo also reduces their carbon footprint.
Lily Flo exclusively works with recycled materials and the gems used in their creations are responsibly sourced and certified fairtrade.

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