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Collection: Juliet Herrera

Obsessed with fit and understanding the challenges that many women face when searching for clothing, Juliet Herrera has developed a revolutionary brand with trademarked designs, that flatter the body of women and reinvent classics wardrobe essentials.
Valuing the (im)perfections of the handmade, all products are crafted with a couture touch to create authentic garments with a unique story. True sophistication is achieved through the precision and cut of Juliet’s garments, right down to the last stitch. 
Juliet has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. Through her own label she wants to provide customers with consciously made clothing produced in London and Portugal. With a strong focus on design and using the finest fabrics, the results are timeless trans-generational pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Eco Consciousness
Love the planet – Juliet Herrera uses and is continually increasing the amount of recycled, organic, and sustainable fibres in her collections. 
All garments are artisan-made in the UK (London) and Portugal which helps minimise their carbon footprint, while achieving premium quality craftsmanship. All of the products are thoughtfully manufactured with consciousness and care using ethical and local micro manufacturing facilities.
To minimise waste Juliet Herrera buys small quantity of fabric and produces limited pieces. As part of her commitment to the circular economy, Juliet Herrera designs with longevity in mind and an ambition for the garments to remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse. Her partnership with ReGain offers recycling opportunities to all customers.  

Social Consciousness
While also valuing the (im)perfect design of handmade details, Juliet Herrera supports ethical craftsmanship and working conditions for all workers. The team actively supports their local community of Poplar by providing work shops and providing work placements and internships in attempt to inspire and promote skills and employment.

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