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Twelve Crushes of Christmas

At Lilly & Main, we believe change comes from positivism.

This is why, in the run up to Christmas, we have showcased 12 companies and individuals who are doing amazing work, by raising awareness, giving back, or finding cutting edge solutions to help alleviate the toll on our planet.

Find them all below: our 12 crushes going above and beyond for our planet!

Crush number 1: RubyMoon

Meet Rubymoon - Rubymoon are the only non-profit sustainable company. Not only do they produce sustainable gymwear, 100% of their profits are given as loans to women entrepreneurs in 14 countries. As you know, it has been greatly demonstrated that women are a key factor in saving the planet.
Women empowering women.. how beautiful is that? Girl Power at its best!
Click on the picture to view more information and browse the collection!

Crush number 2: Piñatex

Meet Piñatex - a natural leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fibre.
Piñatex is a vegan and Peta approved material produced by Ananas Anam and the amazing Dr Carmen Hijosa.
The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities. Because in a circular economy, waste is viewed differently - it isn’t waste until we waste it.
Low impact, socially responsible, cruelty free. A better choice for a better future.
For more detail check out their website: Pinatex  

Crush number 3: Marta Canga

Meet Marta Canga - We have been following Marta’s path for a while now. She is a true advocate of sustainable living, from food to clothes to beauty products. Marta uses her influence to show people what changes they can make, to educate on how to consume more consciously for the good of our planet. And on top of this, she isn’t afraid to follow her dreams, having left her job not long ago and taken the plunge to become a full-time blogger and influence for good causes! 
You can follow her blog here: Marta Canga
Picture by Alessia Chinazzo

Crush number 4: Geilan Malet-Bates

Let’s talk a bit about sustainable finance, shall we? Meet Geilan Malet-Bates, an ex-colleague and true woman crush! Geilan is the co-founder of Plenitude, a sustainable finance company. Plenitude is a pro-environment digital wealth and pensions manager that allows individuals concerned by our climate crisis to invest sustainably, aligning their values with their long-term savings and pensions in a low-cost, intuitive way. Because everybody is talking about sustainable living, sustainable fashion, sustainable produce… but we shouldn’t forget about one of the biggest industries out there! One that has a major impact on how the world operates. And people like Geilan are leading that change.
We sat down wit Geilan to get the details on Plenitude and how it works - You can view it here: Sustainable Finance

Crush number 5: Stephanie Cuesta

Meet Stephanie Cuesta - Stephanie is a close friend who chose to leave the path of finance to concentrate on what made her happy and healthy: a holistic life. Her positive attitude and smiling energy has influenced countless people around her, introducing them to a life of mindfulness and consciousness.
Since the birth of her daughter 2 years ago, Stephanie has made sure her daughter only eats organic foods, dresses in organic and chemical free clothes, and plays with wooden natural toys - completely banning plastics and harmful chemicals from her house. She is teaching her to be respectful of nature and our planet. It wasn’t always easy, as society around her wanted her family to fit into their mould. But she stood up firmly for her beliefs and is continuing to spread positive energy around her.
You can view her website here: Stephanie Cuesta 

Crush Number 6: Toast Ale

Meet Toast Ale - a beer that does the world of good! 
Toast is an award winning beer brewed with unsold loaves from bakeries and unused crusts from sandwich makers. Did you know that 44% of bread is never eaten? That one third of food is wasted? This company wants to change that, by preventing waste. And the cherry on top? All of their profits go to charities fixing the food system 
Because we all know that tis the season for toasting.. so we say let’s toast to change! 
Raise a toast. Save the world. Cheers.
You can view their website here: Toast Ale

Crush number 7: Eshita Kabra-Davies

Meet Eshita Kabra-Davies - founder of By Rotation, a peer-to-peer rental app for mid to high end fashion. The airbnb of fashion! 
Eshita officially launched the company a few months ago, and in that short amount of time has already taken it to great success A strong and determined woman, Eshita’s goal is to build a conscious and inclusive community, one that is always striving to be better. Because sustainability and diversity are at the core of By Rotation - by renting items you are helping prolong their lifetime and reduce their carbon footprint ,
And they even have an app! Check out their wesbite for more information: By Rotation

Crush number 8: The Hungry Palette

Meet the hungry palette - an illustrator, specialising in food and zero waste drawings.
Shub's illustrations are always witty, drawn beautifully, and bring awareness to the environment, by showing tips and ways to minimise our waste and consumption. 
She has also launched a children’s activity book called “Let’s talk trash”, which helps children get familiar with concepts like sustainability, waste segregation, life cycle of things, etc. Check out her website, it's well worth it: The Hungry Palette

Crush number 9: The Trove

Meet The Trove - a company championing female founded independent brands. It’s all about the bossbabes!  The reason for it? Only 9% of funding for UK startups goes to women run businesses in the UK annually. Men are 86% more likely to be funded by venture capital and 56% more likely to secure angel investment than women. (According to the Etrepreneurs Network and Beauhurst).
Lottie (the founder) is working hard to change these stats! Woman empowering women - check out her website here: The Trove

Crush number 10: Noissue mailers

Meet Noissue compostable mailers - changing the world of packaging.  Plastic packaging is one of the biggest threats to our planet, and it’s everywhere! But there are sustainable alternative solutions out there. Noissue’s mailers are 100% compostable, their tissue is acid free and FSC certified, and all their ink is soy-based Plus their eco-packaging alliance is a great way to contribute to global reforestation - they plant trees for every order made.
Out with the old and in with the new!
You can view their website here: Noissue Mailers

Crush number 11: Fashion Revolution

It would be very difficult to talk about companies that are changing the way we view and consume fashion without given a special shout-out to Fashion Revolution. Created after the 2013 Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh which saw 1,134 workers die, the organisation aims to change the industry by bringing transparency, awareness, and information, while also championing companies that are installing these changes. They are fighting for a sustainable and ethical fashion industry, and a conscious consumerism. At Lilly & Main we have learned a lot from them, and we keep looking up to them for guidance. They have definitely changed the way we shop- your wallet is your weapon.
View their website here for info and guidance: Fashion Revolution

Crush number 12: Sir David Attenborough

It seems only just to finish our 12 days of Christmas positive impact countdown with the person who has lead the change in the way we view our planet. Who single-handedly raised awareness to the crisis looming on our environment. Who inspired millions of people to start caring for our nature: Sir David Attenborough.
‘We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that. Surely we all have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.’ - Sir David Attenborough

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