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New Year, New Sustainable Me

December 25th. You're sitting under the tree, looking at all those presents around you, feeling the warmth of the holiday spirit spread through your body.

And then you see them.

Plastic boxes, wrapping paper, sparkly ribbons.. They are everywhere!

And then it dawns on you: if you and your family have produced that much plastic waste, then how much did your neighbours produce? your street? your city? your country? ...the world?? The numbers become mind boggling! (and not only because they're too difficult to compute).

So what to do? You make the vow, then and there, that starting January you will now lead a more sustainable life. Reduce waste. Say no to plastic. 

Well we say Bravo!

And we are here to encourage you. We are here to help you make that switch. For that reason, we have put together a guide of small and easy changes that you can make. Small but impactful. That's the best type.

#1: Ditch the plastic bags
If you haven't done so already (and if you have been living under a rock), it's time to ditch the plastic grocery bags. The country has done it. The supermarkets have done it. The high street has done it. It's time to follow through. 
Most reusable bags fold easily and neatly and won't take much space in your pocket or purse, even in the smallest cutest fashion-forward clutches.

#2: Ditch the disposable coffee cup
At the risk of repeating ourselves, it's time to ditch the single-use coffee cups. Many coffee places now offer a price reduction if you bring your own cup - that's a win/win if you ask us!

#3: Reduce water usage
There are many ways to reduce your water consumption. You can turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, make sure your leaks are fixed, always do a full load in the washing machine / dishwasher.. And of course, you can always shower together with your other half ;) Who said going green had to be boring? But keep it short...

#4: Eat local and seasonal
Local and seasonal produce didn't need to travel from a far exotic land to reach you, which means it didn't need to be sprayed with harmful chemicals to make it through the trip (that's a win for your body right there), and it doesn't have a big carbon footprint. Try to aim for organic produce when you can (again, it's the chemicals...)

#5: Eat plants
You don't need to go full vegan to do your bit for the planet. A drastic, sudden change like that might not be sustainable in the long run, and you might give up quicker. You can start by reducing your meat consumption, and replacing it with plant based protein (chickpeas, lentils, tempeh, grains, etc). Luckily there are now so many yummy recipes out there, it's like you can't unlock your phone without seeing one. And with so many restaurants catering for vegetarians/vegans, it's never been easier to take the plunge! Long gone the days where you were served two slices of tomatoes and three cucumbers...

#6: Walk, walk, walk
As the Proclaimers have sang it: And I would walk five hundred miles... Maybe they were precursors of the movement?
Whenever you can, walk or cycle to your destination. It'll make you feel good, and it will definitely do the planet some good!

 We hope you find these tips useful, and easy to implement. Any other suggestions? How do you reduce your carboon footprint? Drop us the tips in the comments below, we would love to read them!

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