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10 Timeless Christmas Presents for the Sustainable Shopper

Christmas is coming.

You can describe the festive season in many different ways, but sustainable isn’t usually one of them. Christmas is a time of gathering, family dinners and festive happiness. But it’s also a time of waste and negative environmental impact. 

Time to change the game, don’t you think?

One way to reduce your impact this Christmas is to go for sustainable and environmentally respectful presents. To help you achieve that we have put together a list of 10 timeless presents you can give. These items are stylish, stunning and will stand the test of time. Guaranteed to help you convert your friends and family to a more sustainable way of life! And wouldn’t that be the best present of all?

**Be the change that you want to see in the world** 

1. Wedge Necklace in Gold, from Little by Little Jewellery

You can never go wrong with jewellery, can you? And this stunning piece from Little by Little Jewellery is a firm favourite! With a touch of green enamel, it can be worn either way round (the other side being gold). A piece that will never go out of style.
And the extra feel good factor: with every purchase, the brand donates a percentage to "Luminary Bakery", a charity that supports vulnerable women by training them and helping them build their career.


2. The Andrea Cashmere Jumper, by La Sororité

The ultimate timeless piece - stunning and luxurious. 
The ultra-fine cashmere is taken from the underbelly and under the chin of the Himalayan Mountain Goat. The fibres are gathered by combing and collecting naturally shed wool, without harm or distress to the animal. And the cherry on top? the brand invests in educational and health programs for their women workers and their families in Nepal. When you buy one of their jumpers - you are joining the sisterhood!


3. Hoxton Black Sleeve Jumpsuit, from Vanesa Vinhas

This jumpsuit can be worn all year round - it's modern, it's contemporary and it's dressy! Made with 100% organic cotton, it will soon become a favourite item of clothing, one that will be worn over and over again. A timeless design with a modern twist, in line with the brand's motto: Effortless Elegance!


4. Strapless Maxi Dress in Midnight Blue, by Cat Turner

Classic, chic and versatile - this dress will become THE main piece of a holiday capsule wardrobe! Can be dressed up or down, depending on the mood of the day. No words can do justice to the feel of the material..  some of the softest and luxurious material out there! Beautifully and ethically made in London.


5. Leather and Suede Manhattan Bag, by Hopeful

Someone once said: 'behind every successful woman is a fabulous bag'. They were probably thinking about this one! The Manhattan bag is stunning, with the juxtaposition of matt suede against the soft sheen of the leather. Simple, stylish, elegant. Indeed, the brand creates thoughtfully sourced collections, producing simple, beautiful accessories for everyday life, with a commitment to sustainability. Designed and made in the UK!


6. James Wrap Coat, by Gaia 

In the definition of timeless items, a trench coat is way up there.. And this beige piece from Gaia is THE modern take on it. Made in breathable 100% organic cotton gabardine, this coat will definitely make heads turn. The brand has sustainability at its core, with everything produced in small quantities to minimise waste, and all collections designed and made by hand in their UK studio. 


7. Eva Legging, by Evamoso

We all know we live in our leggings.. I mean, who are we kidding? It is the item in the modern women's closest that is worn the most! And these leggings by Evamoso are a game changer. Soft, breathable, high waisted - and thick enough to not show any undies during those asana poses! They are made from a sustainable techno-fabric made with ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon from landfills and ocean waste around the world. 
So not only are they good for the environment - they are also helping clean it. 


8. Black Ju Bucket Bag, from From Belo

A new best friend. So versatile, it can be worn in four different ways: over the shoulder, on the arm, cross-body or as a backpack. Made from decommissioned seatbelts destined for landfill (a perfect example of circular economy), this bag stands true to the brand's ethos of “Feeding Goodness into the World”.  
And the most inspiring part: with every purchase, From Belo donates meals to the homeless and to those in need in Belo Horizonte - this particular bag donates 8 meals.
Every purchase has the power to change lives, whilst also being kind to the environment.
Oh and did we mention From Belo won the award for Best Green Bag 2019?


9. Octopussy Ring, by Another Jewel

Born on International Women’s day in 2017, this ring is a classic staple in any wardrobe. Handmade with 100% recycled sterling silver and 9k solid gold rings by the designer, in a slow fashioned style in her home studio in Copenhagen. The idea behind it? to create perfectly imperfect minimal pieces for an individual style where no two pieces would be the same.


10. Kate Sculpting Skinny Fit, by Juliet Herrera


Boyfriend, flare, girlfriend, cullottes... all these cuts are great. But nothing will ever surpass a skinny fit. That's a style that stood the test of time! And it doesn't get better than these trousers. Designed to flatter all female shapes and sizes, the item subtly sculpts and lifts to enhance the female silhouette. The trousers nip in at the waist, with extra support creating an extra round bottom. Ideal everywhere, in every occasion!

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