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Giving Back - The future of shopping is Conscious

We believe conscious consumption is the only way forward. Focusing on making a positive impact through your buying decisions has become more and more important in recent years.
Here at Lilly & Main we are very happy to be able to help you make informed choices. When purchasing an item, there are many important points to look at. To name a few:
    - Is the production process environmentally friendly and in line with minimising the carbon footprint?
    - Is the materiel used respectful to the environment?
    - Are the people making my clothes treated fairly and with respect?
    - How is this company giving back to its community?

At Lilly & Main we look at all these points (and many more) before choosing to work with a partner brand. But today we would like to focus on giving back. On helping the community. Because together we are stronger. And it is our duty to help each other!
Did you know that most of our brands have a charitable arm? That part of your purchase helps feed or educate or empower others? 

A perfect Nomad 

Today more than ever, we should be focused on how to improve and help the lives of less fortunate people. A perfect nomad (APN) understands their responsibility to give back to their community and focus their efforts on women’s advancement. They have partnered with the women’s empowerment charity 'Impact' to help transform the lives of girls and their families in rural areas in India, with 10% of the profit of each garment going towards setting up APN’s own learning centres in economically challenged communities. APN’s first school has just been opened in Alwar, Rajasthan; near their productions unit where girls would not be able to go to school and further themselves if they did not have this opportunity. This is hopefully the first of many learning centres to be opened as APN’S goal is to continue to educate and empower their community. We say Bravo!


BEEN London

All of the packaging and logistics of BEEN London are done by the Camden Society, a social enterprise that trains and employs Londoners with learning disabilities.


Daughters of the Ganges 

When you purchase from Daughters of the Ganges (DOTG), you are contributing to the empowerment of several small-scale businesses and in the bargain playing a part in the development of their communities. 
In their efforts to bring about change, DOTG provides after school programs for the children of artisan communities to ensure that their children have a bright future. Women that are unable to leave their homes are also given raw materials and tools to work from home, making communities more inclusive. 


From Belo

FROM BELO partners with charity Casa de Maria. Every product purchased donates meals to the homeless and to those in need in the same community in Belo Horizonte (where their team is from). From Belo aims to work with Casa de Maria to help break the circle of poverty by providing meals, education, a place to wash and emotional support to pursue a better life. 
From Belo stand true to their ethos of “Feeding Goodness into the World” - Every purchase has the power to change lives.


La Sororite

At La Sororite they care for the women who make their clothes as much as the women they make them for. Their workforce is made up of women from marginalised groups in Nepal, as they strongly believe that female empowerment has a wide effect,
reaching not only the families of the women but the community as a whole. They also offer health programs for them and their families. 


Little by Little Jewellery

Keeping in line with their motto of using the beauty found in food as an inspiration for their designs, Little by Little Jewellery are proud to partner with the charity Luminary Bakery . With every purchase, they donate sufficient funds to enable a disadvantaged woman to train at the bakery for a day, building her career. 
And they are even planning to have a jewellery-making foundation in the future - to be THE charity that re-skills and supports.
The brand believes that together we can all make a difference - little by little.


Nature Hommage

Nature Hommage is currently collaborating with the organisation Plastic Bank, by donating an amount from each item sold. This donation recycles 80 ocean bound plastic bottles and stops them from entering in the ocean.
Plastic Bank also alleviate poverty in countries such as Haiti and Indonesia. You can find more information about this at



RubyMoon is the world’s ONLY not-for-profit swim and activewear brand! Yes that's correct, 100% of the net profits generated by RubyMoon are lent out as small loans, to empower women entrepreneurs in eleven nations. Women are seen as the ‘change’ agents of the family and spend a larger amount of their income on improvements in the health, nutrition and education of the whole family and particularly children.
To date, RubyMoon has made over 200 loans through Once the money is returned, RubyMoon reinvests it in production so that they can keep their excellent standards and empower more women. Beautiful designs used for a beautiful cause! We love!


Vanesas Vinhas

Vanesa Vinhas believes that it is important to give back to local causes and support your local community. Part of her profits are being used to help charities that empower women facing injustice, violence and poverty. 

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