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  • Staying happy this November

    November has become synonym with second lockdown. Add on top of that the gloomy weather, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Looking for ways to stay happy and positive during this time? Check out our tips below!
  • Sitting down with Charlotte and Maria - Founders of From Belo

    Feeding Goodness Into the World. From Belo's motto truly embeds what the brand is about: beautiful bags crafted from recycled materials, a team that is respected and well taken care of, and a community empowerment with each sale donating to their chosen charity - a real conscious, positive brand!
    We sat down with the founders, Charlotte and Maria, to find out all about them and how they are working hard to make fashion kind and positive.

  • Sitting Down with Cat Turner

    If you are looking for the perfect holiday wardrobe, look no further! 
    Cat Turner's stunning dresses answer all your needs, bringing you those easy holiday capsule wardrobe pieces - that timeless, classic, chic style - perfectly suited to the contemporary women.
    We sat down with Cat to ask her everything you wanted to know!

  • Slow Fashion - The future of shopping is Conscious

    How many t-shirts do we really need? We need to break that cycle. Our planet needs us to change. All our brands here at Lilly & Main follow the slow fashion principles of producing in small quantities, to avoid waste and overstock. 
  • Giving Back - The future of shopping is Conscious

    With your purchases at Lilly & Main, you can help feed, educate, and empower others. We believe that conscious consumption is the only way forward, and giving back is key! Find out more about our brands and their charitable arms.
  • Sitting down with Lottie Verrier, founder of The Trove

    We sat down with Lottie Verrier, founder of The Trove - a company championing female founded independent brands. It's all about the bossbabes! We wanted to find out about her plans for The Trove, the motivation behind it, and what makes her tick!
  • New Year, New Sustainable Me

    December 25th. You're sitting under the tree, looking at all those presents around you, feeling the warmth of the holiday spirit spread through your body. And then you see all those plastic boxes, wrapping paper, sparkly ribbons everywhere! 
    So you make the vow, then and there, that starting January you will now lead a more sustainable life. Reduce waste. Say no to plastic. We are here to help! Follow our guide for 6 easy changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Twelve Crushes of Christmas

    At Lilly & Main, we believe change comes from positivism. This is why, in the run up to Christmas, we have showcased 12 companies and individu...
  • 10 Timeless Christmas Presents for the Sustainable Shopper

    Christmas is coming. You can describe the festive season in many different ways, but sustainable isn’t usually one of them. Time to change the game, don’t you think?
  • Sustainable Finance - Sitting down with Geilan Malet-Bates

    In this day and age, it is hard to ignore the climate crisis. Everybody is talking about food waste, plastic in the oceans, fast fashion.. But we shouldn’t forget about another industry, one that can have a very impactful role in this fight to save our planet.. Let’s talk about Sustainable Finance, shall we?
  • 5 Questions for Daughters of the Ganges

    Discover Daughter of the Ganges and their inspiring story. We sat down with Priyanka Vasudevan, the co-founder of the brand, to find out more.